Vintage 1990 VAN HALEN Comic Book! NEW OLD STOCK!

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We recently dug through our Rock N Roll Vault and uncovered BOXES full of VINTAGE untouched early 90's Rock N Roll Comics!

They have literally been sitting in their factory box for the past 30+ years and now YOU can add one to your collection! It's also worth noting that our comics are in PRISTINE Condition and have never been sold/traded amongst the comics book community!

Below is the Rare 1990 Issue featuring the Mighty Van Halen! This issue is Volume 1 and #16! Not to mention its the FIRST PRINTING!

This highly entertaining, FULL COLOR Van Halen comic book brings the band to life in a hilarious way that hasn't been seen since! This rare 32 page autobiography documents the bands early up bringing and even their transition to new lead singer, Sammy Hagar, back in 1985!

Now doubt about it, this comic book is a MUST HAVE for any serious Van Halen fan and the perfect addition to your Eddie Van Halen Shrine!

It's worth noting that all of our comic books are packed with a standard backing card and in a bag. Also all comics are shipped in an ultra sturdy Gemini comic book mailers in order to protect these INCREDIBLE time capsules unlike other companies that literally shove them in an envelope and pray that USPS doesn't crush them into your mailbox :/

Snag one of these fast while supplies last!