Many argue that the 1980s & 1990s were some of the best times to be alive and we couldn't agree more. From the films to the clothing to the music, everything seemed to be larger than life and exude style and unrelenting charisma. We at Retro Rock Wear are here to provide you with a whole new nostalgia cocktail that will leave you basking in the glory of yesteryear. Now your wardrobe will be just as loud & monumental as the pop culture icons that shaped your adolescence!


We also offer online store fronts through our platform for qualified artists. Along with this service we provide customized in house designs and a vast product catalogue that will not only strengthen your brand but also provide your fans with the quality merch they have been craving :)


NOTE: All of our products are custom ~ made to order. With that said, customers will have 2-3 hours to request any changes (or refunds) to their order before production begins. After 2-3 hours of placing an order exchanges can no longer be made.

Shipping Details: All orders now process in just 1-4 Business Days if not sooner. After leaving our facility Domestic orders take an additional 2-4 Business Days to arrive and International orders take anywhere from 7-15 Business Days to arrive.