Strings & Serpents Sweaters

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Introducing our "Strings & Serpents" Sweater Collection, a tribute to the legendary guitarist Steve Vai and the captivating allure of the July 1990 issue of Guitar School magazine. Prepare to be transported back in time to an era when music reigned supreme and guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible.

Front and center, our witty design captures the essence of the magazine cover that caught the eyes of guitar enthusiasts around the world. Behold Steve Vai, a true maestro of the strings, confidently gracing the cover with his iconic Ibanez JEM Universe 7-string guitar. But that's not all—wrapped around his guitar and neck is a sinuous snake, a symbol of the untamed power and mesmerizing charm that Steve's music possesses.

This premium sweater not only pays homage to Steve Vai's captivating image but also celebrates the musical genius that lies within the pages of that iconic issue. Imagine the thrill of discovering the guitar tabs for Steve's legendary tracks, "For the Love of God" and "I Would Love To," unlocking the secrets to his extraordinary technique and inviting guitarists of all levels to embark on their own sonic journey.

Our "Strings & Serpents" Premium Sweater captures the essence of that vintage magazine, meticulously aged to perfection, as if it has weathered the passage of time for 33 years, just like an original issue. Its worn-in appearance tells a story of countless hours spent in practice rooms, late-night jam sessions, and the unwavering dedication of guitar enthusiasts to their craft.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our "Strings & Serpents" Sweater Collection is the epitome of timeless style and musical passion. Whether you're a die-hard Steve Vai fan, a lover of vintage rock memorabilia, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of the guitar, these tees are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

So, grab your air guitar, channel your inner Steve Vai, and let the serpents of music guide your way. With our "Strings & Serpents" Tee Collection, you'll be ready to conquer the stage, captivate the crowd, and make your own mark on the world of music.



Generous fit. Soft, sturdy, easy to move around in, all the while looking great! 7.75 oz 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Air Jet Spun Yarn. Double-needle stitching. Set-in sleeves. 1x1 Athletic Rib with Lycra(R). Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease.

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